This is the current incarnation of the business that started with my grandfather, Leonard Augustine in London,1895, continued by my father, Carlton Leonard, and now under my supervision with my partner, María de los Ángeles Corzo here in Seville, south west Spain.
New to the stable of designs is a range of table lamps each produced to order in a variety of veneers and paint lacquer finishes as well as a selection of low tables. By looking at our furniture types at the side of the page you will be able to understand our design philosophy and styling. Remember that many of these pieces came into being thanks to conversations with our customers in the commissioning process.
The business focuses, as it did from the beginning, on making fine, individually designed contemporary furniture for clients all over the world,  from boardroom tables to jewellery caskets, chaise longues to console tables, mirror frames to bedside cabinets, the care and outstanding attention to detail is the same;  we do it all here, for you, by hand.
Enjoy our pages and then contact us so we can design the special piece you’ve always wanted.

Kind regards,

Nicholas and María de los Ángeles.
Leonard Augustine Chandler.
Carlton Leonard Chandler. Working in Pinewood Studios-London.
Your involvement with the look and feel of the piece is fundamental and makes the experience of having a piece of unique furniture designed and made exclusively for you such an enjoyable one.