To those considering a course,

My experience with Nicholas Chandler is still one of my most rewarding and valued investments in learning - a truly positive choice that has only been reinforced over time.

I studied with Nick in the spring of 2005 at his former workshop, located in the picturesque hill town of Carmona. In one short month, I learned the basics from material selection and milling, to tools, machinery, construction, and finishing. I was tutored in the finer points of the business of furniture making - in particular, client interaction. I learned to work at a productive rate with focus on quality.
All of which only reinforced my love of working with wood.

I have since transferred the skills taught during this time into private furniture making and two teaching jobs working with children and wood, one in the United States and now one in Germany.

As a person, Nick is kind, generous and full of life. As a teacher, he is professional and demanding but patient and collaborative in the learning process.
With Nick, you not only gain an incredible teacher - a mentor - but a friend as well.

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With his courses, you will work along side him as he develops and constructs work for clients.

I found it invaluable to experience a professional as they work through the process of creating a finished product ready for delivery.

Then, of course, there is the geographical locale of theses courses, which was half of what attracted me. Seville stole my heart. I spent much of my free time exploring and enjoying Seville and got to know that city's beauty and intimacy quite well.

Although I am an American now living in Berlin, I still hope to return to taste Spanish life and culture.

So, if you are wanting and determined, hard working and open minded, you will be more than pleased with the experience and results of any course taught by Nicholas Chandler.

If you would ever like to discuss the experience more, feel free to contact me.


Jason Sieling  -  j.sieling@comcast.net